Real assets protect against inflation.

Ownership of real property is your chance to form and increase the value of assets with a low inflation risk. Also the development of residential property occupancy and the continuously rising number of square metres per head and flat would suggest the purchase of a real estate property. The number of single-person households and the immigration rate are on the rise. So the demand for living space will keep growing.

The Upgrade in Performance

With its performance, CIC REAL ESTATE goes far beyond any of the classical building promotion and property management services. Benefit from an “Upgrade in Performance” resulting from pooling the experience and strong points of all of the areas of excellence of the CIC GROUP. Jointly with you, we will realise real property projects featuring innovative quality, future-oriented technology and a long-term economic value at locations of interest as regards urban development.

We will make sure that both strategically oriented capital investors and demanding owner occupants will derive sustainable gratification from their real property.

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