Set A Monument for Yourself!

Within the huge real property market, listed properties have special status related to the preservation and protection of culturally valuable buildings. Monument properties have been proven to be among the safest and most successful investment options for many years. This is due to the fact that the value of your monument property will persist largely untouched by inflation, recession and stock exchange fluctuations. For all that, what is crucial for the success of the project is first and foremost the purchase of the property as well as its high-quality reconstruction meeting our requirements.

We will broker only select monument properties featuring a special location, the highest possible quality of construction and solid prospects of return. A broadly based network of experts in the sector, banking professionals and tax as well as legal advisors will meet your demands flexibly and individually. Our experts in the field of investment in real property will prepare a profitability forecast accurately tailored to suit your personal needs for you!

High profits at a calculable risk.

The acquisition of a refurbishment listed property is the top tier of residential property investment. Apartments in old buildings are often located in the best residential area of interesting property locations. The special ambiance of listed buildings can hardly be compared with any other property. This naturally increases demand. Your advantages: Extensive subsidies, attractive rental returns and excellent reselling option.

Your advantages

With the support of experienced property experts, you have the opportunity to finance a large part of your listed property by saved taxes (no tax consultancy). Another part is paid for by rental income.

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